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Unable to sign in your account? Or problem with composing or sending emails? Or unable to attach files to email? Call us to solve all your problems with AOL email.

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Didn’t understand the working of AOL desktop Gold? Or getting server errors while sending AOL emails? This Email is not always problematic. We can assist you.

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Downloading issues with AOL  on your mobile device? Whether you have an iOS or Android, we can help you in both. Call or email us to get an assured solution.

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Aol Features 

Amazing Features of AOL

AOL is one of the most popular free web services in the USA. It provides very easy to operate user interface to keep things simple. The free version of AOL email is quite loaded with beneficial features, few of them are:

  • File attachment limit per email is 25 MB
  • Huge mailbox size that can store 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages.
  • Max 250 GB storage capacity if every mail has 25 MB attachments.
  • Uses universal protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP.
  • Easy compatible with other email services like Gmail & Hotmail.
  • Strong Spam protection
  • Spelling checker
  • Supports the SSL/HTTPS
  • The other domains of AOL email are,,,, and

Despite having all these features, users become baffled occasionally due to malfunctioning of AOL email system or unable to understand it’s working. Our technical support team is always working to help AOL user in every problem.

Fully Functional & Secured

AOL Desktop Gold has all that you loved in AOL Desktop software. The Gold version has become really simpler & faster with the modern transformation of technology.

The latest AOL Desktop Gold has been mutated to coincide with the broadband internet speed.

Following is the list of benefits with the new update that has made the “AOL Desktop software” the “AOL Desktop Gold”:

  • A better streamlining of the download and installing process automatic updating of your installed AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • Need not to stop your work for installing updates, the update will run in the background automatically.
  • Automatic updates will save lots of time & energy that was exhausted in the manual updating process.
  • The advanced technology promises better performance & speedy working.
  • Ensures less error, reduced crash frequency.
  • Advanced feature to Import or export all your saved data.

If you face a problem with any feature of AOL desktop Gold, don’t hesitate to chat with us for an instant technical support.

One Product For All Your Devices

AOL mobile app is an elaborated platform to access your AOL inbox anytime, anywhere. Beyond your mailbox it also allows you to stay connected to the world by providing you access to any breaking news, latest videos and anything you would love to do over the internet, as it has a modified feature of web browsing.

Following lets gander over few other highlights of AOL app:

  • Available at free of cost
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • You can choose your desired video channel
  • Many advanced settings are available even for the video autoplay.
  • Easy web browsing from AOL app.
  • Instant new message notification and responding to emails.
  • Easy email management with quick actions.
  • Customization of the theme.
  • Newsfeed updates based on set preferences.

Need any help with downloading or installation of AOL app? Or any settings issue?

Still can not download Desktop Gold App or facing trouble with AOL Email?

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About Email Customer Support

about aol email

To People That Want To Start AOL email But Are Afraid To Get Started

“You’ve Got Mail!” the well-known alert when you have a new unread email in your inbox by AOL. The AOL has been serving to its users with free email account since long and is quite favored among people.

The entire AOL mailbox is compiled in such a way that its users can get an easy hand for operating various required email operations.

Besides its all effective functionality, it has a troublesome side that makes people mad sometimes. Yes, we are pointing to the world known AOL Email errors. Not always but sometimes user faces unwanted errors with AOL email which they fail to understand on their own if they are not at all technical. Few technical errors could be:

  • The problem in composing an email.
  • AOL email not working.
  • Problem signing in AOL email account.
  • Unable to send emails to a particular address.
  • Unable to attach files.
  • Your AOL account has been hacked.
  • Couldn’t find my email in AOL mailbox.
  • Unable to install AOL in outlook.
  • Indications of some malicious threats.

You will get to see lots of “troubleshooting AOL email” articles on the internet but mostly they are of no use.

Moreover, if you can access the expert’s advice by making a single call, that is not going to cost you anything. What else could be the best option than this? Next time whenever you see any AOL email error, contact us via email or Chat.

Now You Can Have The Desktop Gold Of Your Dreams – Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined

With the introduction of new “AOL Desktop Gold”, it has been proved that with major transformations it has only become better. The Gold version of AOL has come with 2 major extended features; improved security & automatic updates installation without hurting your running work.

Users have reported many issues they are facing with AOL Desktop Gold, which can be categorized into temporary errors & critical technical issues. Few of these are

  • The problem in installing AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL Desktop Gold works really slow
  • Singing in issue with AOL Desktop Gold
  • The problem in receiving or sending emails
  • Getting Server errors in AOL Desktop Gold
  • Forgetting & Resetting the Password with AOL
  • Printing issues from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL Desktop Gold browsing issues

However, the software doesn’t always produce serious troubles while most of the errors are temporary. But the situation could be more troublesome when you are facing serious technical errors.

Whenever you feel hanged or choked while dealing with any crucial AOL desktop gold error, raise your demand for help to experts. Yes, the AOL desktop gold technical support team, we are sitting just to make your AOL desktop Gold experience painless.

No need to waste your time in exploring the Google to look for a troubleshooting guide. Why exhaust, when the experts help, is just a call away.

Chat with us or just shoot an email or ask for a callback. Our helpdesk is 24×7 active to listen to you.


Do you need to explore the mystery of AOL issues with experts?

Despite the fact that you are an Apple user or an Android user, AOL app is the neoteric way to stay connected to your mailbox.

To download AOL app you should have an iOS device running iOS 9.3 or any higher version and for Android devices, it should be running on Android 4.1 or any upgraded version.

No wonder if you are facing some troubles with AOL app alike AOL email or AOL Desktop GOLD. In contrast, AOL app has few concerns that bother their users. Some highlighted issues commonly faced by users are:

  • AOL app is not working with iOS or Android device
  • Getting “Invalid Password” error in AOL app
  • The problem in adding an account to AOL app
  • AOL app Downloading problem
  • AOL installation issues.
  • Issues with “News Feed” in my AOL app

These issues need to be administered in a professional manner. A casual approach to deal with critical errors could result in malfunctioning of AOL app and it could also lead to some unexpected issue with your mobile device.

Open available free troubleshooting tips are not always a great idea to be followed.

Additionally, if you can get guidance from an experienced professional then what is the need to waste your time and energy? After all, they are experts!!

Initiate a call to get skilled assistance on any problem you are confronting with AOL app, Chat with us or just write an email explaining your problem. Give us a chance to prove our words.