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    AOL desktop 10.1 download

    AOL desktop gold is a comprehensive internet software,  rich with advanced features and widely accepted by the people worldwide for the best email experience. With the latest version AOL desktop 10.1 download,  you can enjoy the new features which can enhance your AOL experience, and it also allows you to use the advanced navigation capabilities loaded with new fascinating features.  The latest version allows users to manage their internet browsing, email,  and let them access the AOL  in a secured manner.  If you are using the Windows operating system,  it is recommended to have AOL desktop 10.1 download on your device.  Installing the software is a very simple process, all you need is to follow some simple instructions that can help you to completely set up on your device.

    Before we proceed with the AOL desktop gold 10.1 download install process,  check out the fascinating features supported by AOL desktop gold 10.1:

    Simplified installation process

    It is very simple and easy to install the AOL on your device.  Just with a few clicks,  you would able to complete the installation process for AOL software.

    Customized font and email options

    When you install the AOL desktop Gold software on your device,  you get access to the customized fonts and email options.

    Anti-Phishing Features

    With AOL desktop gold 10.1 download install, you can take benefit of high-end security features that provide you with better protection against the online threats and make sure that your personal details remain safe while browsing the internet.

    Bookmark your favourite website

    With AOL,  you can bookmark your favourite website and easily access them again anytime you want.

    So, complete the downloading and installation of AOL Desktop Gold 10.1  on your device and enjoy using the amazing features supported by AOL.

    Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold 10.1: Steps to Follow

    • On your Windows computer,  open any web browser.
    • In the URL  box,  type and hit the enter button.  This will direct you to the AOL official website.
    • Scroll to the down on the AOL webpage,  and click on the ‘Download’  present in the lower-left side.
    • Hit the ‘Run’ button.
    •  Wait for a while,  and let the setup file get download it on your Windows device.
    • After that,  click on the Ok button.
    • Now,  you have to wait for few seconds for the AOL  installation to begin.
    • Click on the ‘I Agree’ button.
    • Now,  you can click on the ‘Express install’,  if you want to opt easy way out,  or you can click on the ‘Custom Install’  if you want to get control over what is being installed on your device.
    • Hit the ‘Continue’ button.
    • Now, you have to click to remove the Checkmarks next to;  install the AOL  toolbar,  set the as the home page, enable Fast Start for AOL Desktop Gold,  and few other items.  If you want these items, you can leave the checkmark on them.
    • Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
    • Wait for a while till the installation process gets completed.
    • After that, click on the ‘Launch’ button.
    • Click the ‘Sign in’ button to sign in to the desktop gold 10.1.
    • If you have not set the screen name yet,  you can click on the ‘Get a Screen Name’  and follow the on-screen guidelines to set the name.
    • Otherwise,  you can simply type the password in the ‘Password’ field.  Click on the ‘Save Password’ option,  if you want to save the password for the next time you sign in.
    • Click the ‘Sign in’ button.
    • If you were using the previous version of AOL desktop gold on your device,  you can click on the ‘Setup Now’  option, and import your favourites, email and default settings from the previously downloaded version,  in case this window appears on your screen.
    • Click the Continue Button.
    • Click the Continue Button.
    • Click the Continue Button.
    • Hit the ‘Ok’ Button.

    Your AOL desktop 10.1 download process is complete on your Windows device.  All the above-mentioned instructions are very simple and easy to follow,  just make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully to avoid any mistake in the downloading and installation process.  In case,  you are still unable to download AOL  desktop gold 10.1  on your device,  we suggest you contact the experts and take their help to complete the process.