AOL Desktop not responding Problem

People who are using AOL Desktop Gold services for a long time must be familiar with the excellent benefits that AOL is offering to them. It allows a user to access and use email services and at the same time, it also allows users to browse and search. AOL Desktop Gold is actually the premium version of AOL desktop, which you can purchase and install after paying the amount of $4.99/month.

AOL Desktop Gold is easy to operate, but the possibility of facing the terrible issues is always there. Sometimes, the system creates the troubles and one of the most common issues with AOL Desktop Gold is “System Not Responding”. Your AOL Desktop Gold might slow the process of opening and deleting the mail and you might even not able to copy or paste the content. So, if your AOL Desktop Gold not working, you need to follow the certain guidelines to mitigate the issues.

Below, mentioned points can help you with the issue of AOL Desktop not responding, follow the guidelines and get the right solution for your trouble.

The main cause of this issue is:

  • Outdated version of software.
  • Poor or no internet connection.
  • System compatibility issues.

First of all, you need to update the software as this could be the reason behind “system not responding” issue. You can download the latest version of AOL desktop Gold from the official website of AOL. After downloading, make sure that you update it on regular intervals.

If you are not able to update your AOL desktop gold, you can call on the number +1-877-690-9305.

Make sure that your system is compatible with AOL Desktop Gold software. Below are some necessary system requirements for the installation of AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Make sure you have Internet Explorer 7.0 with Window Vista Operating System installed on your system.
  • High screen resolution up to 1068*768.
  • Ram up to 512 MB
  • Processing speed up to 266Mhz.

Check your AOL services and make sure they are not slowing down and if they are, just wait for some time,  your problem will be solved once the AOL Server is up.

If multiple programs are running on your system, then you might not able to able to run AOL Desktop Gold, so you require to shut the programs and restart your system again to mitigate the AOL Desktop Gold issues.

To stop the process on your windows system, Kindly follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go to the task manager and them process tab.
  • Now, select the AOL services and select end process.
  • Re-open and check whether its working or not.

Always consider the above-mentioned requirements to get satisfactory outcomes

In case, your AOL desktop Gold is not responding even after following the above-mentioned steps then, you can call us on +1-877-690-9305, for technical support. Our technical experts will help you out and provide you the best guidelines to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold issue.

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