AOL Desktop Gold problems

AOL  is one of the best online platforms for free email services.  By using the AOL desktop gold services,   a user can send and receive emails, browse the Internet, access entertainment content and do a lot more other stuff. But,  just like any other software, AOL desktop gold is also prone to many technical errors. While using the AOL services,  you may encounter the common AOL Desktop Gold problems.  Troubleshooting these problems has always been a frustrating task.  There are a number of errors that a user may experience while using the AOL services.  In this guide,  we have highlighted some of the most common AOL Desktop Gold problems with their easiest troubleshooting solution. So,   read the guide and learn the different troubleshooting techniques that can help you to fix the errors you may face on your AOL device.

Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems and Troubleshooting Solution

If you are frustrated because of poor software functioning of your AOL device then  read the instructions below and troubleshoot the problem:

Problems with AOL Desktop Gold after the Windows 10 update

Many times the AOL Desktop Gold stops functioning after the Windows 10 update.  This is a very common issue encountered by AOL users.  After updating their device to Windows 10,  the users are unable to send emails using AOL,   unable to play videos and games etc.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check and make sure that your software is up to date if you are using the Windows 10 operating system.  Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software available that fulfills all the system requirements.
  • If you are facing trouble in sending emails for playing videos and games,  check the internet connection and make sure it is working fine.  When your internet connection is fluctuating and not reliable,  you cannot access the AOL Desktop Gold services.
  • When you upgrade your device,  do not forget to upgrade the AOL software.  You can also try to reinstall the software and then download the updated version.

AOL Desktop Gold Is Running Slow

While using the AOL Desktop Gold services, you may experience the slow functioning of your device.   Your computer may hang or shut down and cause your trouble.  This could be due to the less space in your hard disk.  It is advised to use the hard disk with at least 512 MB space before you download the software on your system.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Delete all the junk and unwanted files from your device, clear the cache, clear the history,  and clean the hard disk space.
  • Scan your device to remove all the useless and corrupted files and documents from the system.  These files do nothing and just occupy your space.
  •  Check and make sure that your system is the basic requirement for using AOL services.
  •  There must be enough  RAM space in your system.
  •  Reboot your device,  this helps to clear the history, useless files and the other unwanted stuff.

Missing AOL Desktop Gold icon

Even after successfully installation the AOL desktop gold, sometimes,  users are unable to locate the icon on their system.  Missing the AOL Desktop Gold icon means that the AOL  shortcut has been disappeared sharing no error message.  Below are some simple AOL desktop gold troubleshooting guidelines you can  follow to fix the problem:

  • Go to the ‘System Tray’,  you can find it at the bottom right corner and tap on the pointed arrow to expand the area.  If you are unable to find the AOL icon,  proceed with the next step.
  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu and try to find the AOL Desktop Gold software logo.  Right-click on it and select ‘Create a Shortcut’ option.
  • If you are unable to access the icon from the Start menu,  follow the guidelines below:
  • Open your System’s Primary drive and navigate to the folder where all the installed programs are present.
  •  In most of the devices, the destination folder route is “C:// drive>>>>>> Program Files>>>>> AOL”.
  •  Once you are entered into the folder,  scroll down and find the AOL icon.
  •  Right-click on the icon and choose ‘Create a Desktop Shortcut’ option.
  •  This will surely help you to fix the missing AOL Desktop Gold icon issue.

So,  these are some simple AOL Desktop Gold troubleshooting guidelines that can help you to deal with the common desktop gold issues.   If your problem is not discussed in the points above,  you can contact the  AOL experts,  discuss your issue with them and troubleshoot the problem.