Support for AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is an extended form of AOL which offers you speed as well as reliability. AOL desktop Gold is all-in-one and easy to use desktop with amazing features like browsing,  searching, content and email. AOL desktop Gold also includes the premium security features which can help you to secure your AOL account from unauthorized access and being hacked. Your AOL Desktop Gold will have automatic updates which will save the space and time by replacing the old version with a new one automatically. Installation process can be tricky, but in that case you need not to worry about anything as you can call on AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-877-690-9305 for customer support.

So, enjoy the amazing benefits and install AOL Desktop Gold now.

System requirements for AOL desktop Gold

To download AOL desktop Gold for Windows, you require Windows 7, 8, or 10 on your system with computer processor of 266 MHz or more, 1 GB ram, 1024 X 768 screen resolution or higher, Hard disk space up to 512MB  and internet connection.

Note- you may require an additional disk space, in case you have a big personal filing cabinet.

Latest technology

 The new versions of AOL support the features of latest technology which automatically enhance the performance and speed and that ultimately results in to the improved services and less errors.

User friendly

In case you update the AOL Desktop Gold, then you do not need to transfer any username password, contacts or favorites as as will be done automatically by the AOL desktop.

Better security features

AOl Desktop Gold follows the two screen verification process, so you can feel safe as it is secure and save your account from getting hacked or compromised.

Simple Installation process

There are just few steps for downloading and installing the AOl Desktop Gold  and steps are very simple. So, it saves your time as well make the installation process faster.

Easy updates

AOl Desktop Gold have easy updates and it will get processed automatically in the background, so your front end process will not get interrupted.  

Even the perfect things has flaws, you might have regular updations on your Aol Desktop Gold  and able to process it well. But, there can always be a chance when you encounter certain technical issues in your AOL Desktop Gold.  

Issues which you might face are :

  • Error installing AOL Desktop Gold.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is not responding 
  • Not finding the AOL Gold icon.
  • AOL Gold Printing issues
  • AOL Desktop Gold not getting updated.

These issues can interrupt your entire process, so make sure that:

  • AOL Desktop Gold download is being done  from a trusted website.
  • Your system is error free and updated.
  • Your system is compatible and secure from malicious attacks.

In case if are not able to download AOL Desktop gold, then you can get AOL desktop Customer support . for this, you can call on the AOL Desktop Gold support number- +1-877-690-9305.

You will be provided with proper guidance for all your issues.

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