AOL Mail not Working

AOL Mail is a web-based email service offered by AOL Inc. As compared to the other email services, AOL email services are secure and safe to use. But, sometimes the problems occur and create an ‘AOL Mail Not Working’ error. Due to this error, most of the users are unable to send and receive emails on their AOL platform.  Such kind of issues is very common to occur and can be fixed just by following some simple troubleshooting instructions. In this guide, we are sharing some simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help you to fix the ‘AOL Mail Not Working’ problem. Carefully follow the troubleshooting steps and fix the AOL issues in no time. 

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Problem

Below are some easy troubleshooting methods to fix the AOL Mail Problems. If you want, you can also take professional advice to troubleshoot the issues. 

Solution 1 – Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode

If you in trouble because of AOL mail Down error, then you must try turning on and off the Airplane mode. Because the AOL Mail services work on the internet, so there are high chances that your internet may not be functioning properly. To make sure that your internet is working properly, follow the guidelines mentioned below: 

  •  Turn on and off the Airplane mode. 
  • Check your wifi, it must be working. 
  • Make sure that you are using the active data pack. This can help you to troubleshoot the problem. 

Solution 2 – Reset the Network Settings if you are not receiving the emails on iPhone

If you are facing the AOL mail not receiving emails concern on your iPhone then you can try resetting the network settings of your device. Follow the below-mentioned instructions for this: 

  • Go to the ‘Configuration’ and click on ‘General’. 
  • Click on the ‘Reset Network Settings’ in the Reset option. This will help you to reset the password and network for the wireless networking, settings for APN, VPN and Cellular Settings.

Solution 3 – Remove the AOL account and try to Login again

If you are still facing the same trouble ‘AOLMail Not Working’  issues then we recommend you remove your account and re-add it. Removing and adding the account will help you to troubleshoot the AOL mail problems and you will able to use the email services again using the AOL software.  

AOL Mail Not Working On Android

 The AOL Mail problems may occur on Android devices due to an outdated website or the older version of the AOL app. To fix this problem, you can clear the cache files from your device. Also, make sure that your device is protected from any kind of malicious attack. 

  • Check the email address of the sender and receiver, if it is incorrect it will create trouble. 
  • Perform the proper configuration of your AOL mail account.  To configure the mail account, you can visit the settings and configure it from there. 
  • Setup the AOL mail account accurately. 

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, the AOL email services are the best mailing service available for the users. AOL Mail can work on any device without any hassle, but, sometimes due to some technical glitches issues like ‘AOL mail not working’ occur on the user’s device and hamper their mailing experience. With the help of the aforementioned instructions, the ‘AOL Mail Not working’ error can be fixed. So, if you are also facing the same problem, follow the guidelines carefully. In case, you are unable to fix the concern even after following the troubleshooting steps, we recommend you to contact the AOL experts and seek their assistance to fix the problem without any hassle.

AOL Mail Not Working