Download AOL Gold for Windows 10 and Mac

There are a number of advancements introduced in AOL in the past few years.  Now AOL is more focused on providing better services to the customer and for this, AOL is working on the betterment of internet services and content. AOL account is free to use and provide an access to many online services like email, internet browsing, access to entertainment content, and much more. AOL Desktop gold is an advanced version of AOL which not only provides you access to the advanced features and also improves the security of your AOL account. Thus, you do not need to face any sort of issue or inconvenience. You can enjoy these wonderful features of AOL desktop Gold, all you need is to Download AOL Desktop.  So, improve your browsing experience and Download AOL gold now.

You can download the latest design of AOL Desktop Gold for your Desktop. The design is quite similar to the traditional AOL Design, the only difference is it includes the better and advanced features which were not available in the previous AOL version.

Benefits of AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Once you download AOL gold desktop, you can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits:
  • You will able to enjoy increased Network Speed.
  • Automatic updates are there, so you don’t have to worry about your AOL every time as it will get updated automatically.
  • You will able to execute the job faster with this version. AOL Desktop Gold version is crashes and error-free.
  • Advanced security features, all the information is encrypted in secure from unauthorized access.
  • Easy to install and use.

How to download AOL Desktop Gold?

For AOL Desktop Gold download, you can follow the step mentioned below:

  • First of all, visit the menu bar.
  • Choose the services and continue with “Click my Benefits”.
  • After that, you will be on the page “AOL My Benefits”.
  • Scroll to the bottom, there you will find “AOL Desktop Gold”, now click on the option “Download For Another Computer”.
  • Click the “save button”.
  • Now complete the installation process by following the steps listed on “From AOL Desktop”.

Your AOL Desktop Gold download and installation process are complete and now you can enjoy using the amazing services of AOL Desktop Gold.

Download AOL Gold Desktop for Mac