AOL is one of the most renowned brands that has been marked by Verizon Media. AOL Desktop Gold is the excellent desktop Gold software that helps to handle multiple emails at a time. It offers you high-security features, thus keeps your data protected. The company is automatically updating the software to its advanced version. The features of the AOL Gold grabs the attention of many users throughout. Though this software is well-known for its remarkable performance, still people may face technical glitches while using it. Blerk Error message is the most common Error that people generally encounter. It is basically a browser-based Error. Blerk Error also results in the AOL mail authentication process problems. In case ‘I am getting a Blerk Error message when loading AOL Mail’, then contact the AOL Tech Support technicians for help. 

Reasons behind the Blerk Error

  • This is the Error that is likely to occur if you are using the Outdated version of the AOL Software or using the Old browser. 
  • It may occur due to unclean cookies or cache data.
  • If there are some technical problems with AOL Gold.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the ‘Blerk Error’ message issue

If you are getting the ‘Blerk Error’ message when loading AOL Mail, then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Adjust the browser Settings

Since Blerk Error is the Error that arises if the Browser settings are not up to date. For this, you have to Adjust the Browser settings. Visit the official website of the specific Browser and get the best guidance to update the browser from there.

Try to use some different Web Browser

You can use some different web Browsers to fix this issue. Sometimes the problem may arise with some specific Web Browser, you can access the AOL Mail by using some different Web Browser. You can use firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

Clear cookies or Cache Memory

It is important to clear the Cookies or Cache Memory regularly. Sometimes, the issues related to the software may encounter due to the Cache memory, history.

Update the Bookmark (if required)

There is a possibility that AOL may update the link. And you are using the old link as a Bookmark. It creates a lot of issues. Thus, it is important to update the AOL Mail Bookmark. 

The probability of AOL Error occurrence is common. In case you encounter a Blerk Error message, then freely discuss your queries with the experts. They will resolve your AOL Technical glitches as soon as possible. If ‘I am getting a Blerk Error message when loading AOL Mail’,  get the one-end solutions from us. Enjoy the hassle-free AOL Mail browsing by choosing the right Technicians.