Restore AOL Desktop Gold Icon

AOL Desktop gold is basically a latest version of AOL Gold that integrates a web browser, a media player and an (IM) application.

Whenever any user downloads and installs the AOL Desktop Gold software application than in the system to create a shortcut for that software application so that direct path can be made an icon will appear in the desktop.

But sometimes due to some technical error or human mistakes that icon would go missing from the desktop. So many users find it difficult to restore AOL Desktop Gold icon.

So here are some troubleshooting steps through which any user of AOL Desktop Gold can restore that icon.

  1. First fall go to the bottom of desktop and click on arrow sign
  2. The arrow sign will show hidden items and from one of those hidden item launch AOL Desktop
  3. Now after that click on right click of your mouse and select there create shortcut.
  4. When you select that create shortcut than an icon will appear on your desktop screen.

So these are the basic steps through which any user can restore his AOL Desktop Gold icon.

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