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Verizon email service has been quite popular among users, even after they dumped their email services and tied knot with other email services to carry forward their Verizon email accounts. Officially Verizon has made a tie-up with AOL to provide their email customers with AOL Mail server.

People are happily using their Verizon email with AOL, Yahoo or even with Gmail by transferring their entire email data to the new mailing partners.

The Verizon decided to leave the email business when they realized that there exist advanced & more capable email platforms in the markets. Moreover, they wanted to focus on the Internet and TV services to provide a better experience to their users.

  • Enlisted below are some benefits of using Verizon email with other mailing partners:
  • An open hand to use Verizon email with other popular mailing services like AOL, Yahoo, Live mail, Gmail etc.
  • While transferring, no data were lost.
  • Your Verizon email id still exists as a username with other mailing channels.

You can access your mailbox with the respective mobile app of the current mailing platform.

In case you are facing any problem while accessing your Verizon email account with other mail platforms like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail or any other, Just call at a toll-free no. +1 877 690 9305 to get instant help.

Verizon Email Support Phone Number

Are you exploring the internet for Verizon email support phone number? Here it is. +1 877 690 9305. You can call this Verizon email support phone number anytime & get connected to a Verizon tech support agent to get all your queries answered in no time. The tech support helpdesk is open to assist you on every failure you are facing with Verizon email.

For any Verizon email concern, call the support team, the number is toll-free. It wouldn’t cost anything in your pocket. In fact, there is nothing to dwindle in a dilemma when you can get help in a single phone call.

About Verizon Customer Service

The Verizon email customer support team can help you with the installation, set up troubles, configuration issues, and troubleshooting varied timely glitches. In fact, they got expertise in providing the solution for every problem related to elements that exercise network connectivity to exchange data i.e. send or receive data.

The support team is well equipped with the advanced level toolkit, which enables them to diagnose the problem sitting remotely. The tech support agents can thus help all Verizon customers to administer their devices and ensure proper functioning.

People are so much fascinated by troubleshooting guides and invest many hours on the internet to look for the best one. Howbeit, it’s not a bad idea to understand your stuff and try to deal win the crisis but self-service doesn’t always work. Especially if you are combating technical faults.
In such situation it’s better to seek help from tech support staff this will surely save your time, effort & money indirectly.

The Verizon email support team is professionally trained & experienced enough to take you out of all failure situations. The tech support phone line is always open for you, so don’t look at the clock and call the tech support team right away, when you need help. The toll-free number is 833-244-6779. Few taps on phone and you will be talking to one of the experts.

Verizon email Support categories

Sign in and Account Issues

Sign in problems could be the result of forgotten password or servers’ error. Click here to learn how to figure these out.

Email setup issues

Get started to learn about Verizon Email set up and many related issues like the login errors, default server settings etc.

Invalid Password issues

Seeing invalid password error? You may have forgotten or mistyped it. Click here to know more about how to fix it.

Email Sending and receiving issues

What could be worse than not able to send or receive any email? Click here to get started with its troubleshooting.

Set Incoming mail server POP3: & Port Numbers: 995. Set Outgoing mail server (SMTP): & Port Numbers: 465.Enable SSL encryption, use your MyVerizon User ID and Password

Considering you remember the current password, log in to your verizon account, explore account options i.e. Account->Account Profile->Residential, here you will see the option to reset password.

You need to update your email setting to keep your email account secure, do visit In case you are accessing your verizon mailbox through webmail, you should visit

For this you need to enable “compatibility view” via settings in your browser, once you will do this and delete the browsing history, you will get to see the missing folders.

Verizon email is compatible with Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, and Outlook Express and gets easily installed. For any other version contact support team.

Be sure, while typing in the username of AOL account you are using correct & complete email address, including

The ultramodern app allows you to stay connected and manage your Verizon email account from your iOS and Android Smartphone or tablets. For other devices, go to “My Verizon” with your installed.

The Account Owner can access all features  Account Manager can access all information but can’t make changes in settings whereas Account Member gets very limited access to information.

Login to My Verizon, under “Change Secret Question page”. Choose another Secret Question, type its answer, click on “submit”. Here you go, all done.

Login to Gmail account go to settings, under “Accounts & Import” click on “Add an email account” tab. Fill in the demanded information. click “Finish” to complete the process.

Verizon Support